Friends’ Conversation Evening- on the theme of 'Secrets'

All of us are the bearers of a huge number of secrets, large and small. It’s generally very wise to have them - for few people are calm or dispassionate enough to accept the full truth about us. Nevertheless, we can sometimes go too far in the direction of secrecy and concealment. We need to unburden ourselves of certain tricky facts about our lives. This evening, we’ll be discussing secrets: why we have them - and what some of them are? And we’ll also be experiencing the joys of sharing some more private parts of ourselves with new friends (which is sometimes easier than with old ones).


19.00           Doors open
19.10            Event commences
21.30           Event finishes

About Friends’ Events

Membership of our Friends’ scheme gives you access to a year-long series of monthly conversation evenings, each one anchored around a big idea we’ll discuss over drinks and food. Once a month, we come together in a central London venue with other members of the diverse and bright community of the School of Life. At every event, you’ll be offered a conversation menu and systematically (and entertainingly) introduced to everyone else in the room. If you enjoy our work, you will find kindred spirits. The evenings are guaranteed to be stimulating and reassuring - as well as prompts to genuine connection and insight.

Each month we’ll explore a different theme, starting with School and moving on to Secrets, What’s the Point of It All? Family, Resolutions, Love, Hope, Work, Confessions, Travel, The Body, and Utopia.

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Friends’ Conversation Evening- on the theme of 'Secrets'

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When and where:
  • Fri 13 Dec 2019 19.00
    The Observatory, 64 Marchmont Street, London, WC1N 1AB