9 August
Conversation Evening- on the theme of 'The Body'

The body is a source both of huge delight and of our most fundamental pains and sorrows too. We gather to discuss - with honesty and verve - what bodies mean to us: what are our good and bad physical sides? What do we most like and fear about our bodies?

13 September
Conversation Evening- on the theme of 'Utopia'

We’re often advised not to daydream too much and to focus on the here and now instead. However, many of us have an active side of our minds which loves to dream up better worlds and think of how to improve society. This is an occasion to share our visions and projects for the future.

11 October
Conversation Evening- on the theme of 'School'

Most of us were, in one way or another, heavily marked by school. We are also liable to have been disappointed by what we experienced there. This month, we ask ourselves questions around what the point of education is, what we would most have wanted to know when we were younger - and what a school should ideally be.

8 November
Conversation Evening- on the theme of 'Whats the Point of it All?'

What is the meaning of life? Tonight we playfully but sincerely interrogate what gives our lives meaning, what the purpose of being here is, and how we might plot to have more authentic and sincere experiences in the future.

13 December
Conversation Evening- on the theme of 'Secrets'

This evening, we’ll be discussing secrets: why we have them - and what some of them are? And we’ll also be experiencing the joys of sharing some more private parts of ourselves with new friends (which is sometimes easier than with old ones).

Conversation Evening- on the theme of 'Confessions'

At this event, we gather for a chance to make and hear confessions around money, relationships, our families and our futures. We’ll learn that we are all, beneath the surface, far more confused, endearing and enticingly mad than we might normally assume.