The Meaning of Life

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What is ‘The Meaning of Life’?

The Meaning of Life is a 3 hour class by The School of Life which takes place regularly in our classroom at our London HQ. It is one of 12 classes around our 4 core themes: Love, Work, Self and Culture. The aim of this class is to help you to develop a core emotional skill. 

Why should I attend?

Many of us may have wondered about what the meaning of life is. As intense an idea as it may be, it is quite common to seek a deeper meaning for our existence. Finding the meaning of our lives can be personal and we cannot always rely on other to determine what will be meaningful to us.

The question of what makes life meaningful must be answered personally. Sometimes others’ visions of what is meaningful for us conflicts with our own tastes and interests. Through a process of experience and introspection, we can work out what is meaningful through our own eyes. 

What will I learn?

The Meaning of Life teaches:

  • A meaningful life draws upon, and exercises, a range of our higher capacities; those bound up with tenderness, care, connection, self-understanding, sympathy, intelligence and creativity.
  • A meaningful life aims not so much at day-to-day contentment as at fulfilment. We may be leading a meaningful life and yet often find ourselves in a bad mood. Conversely, we may be having frequent surface fun while living, for the most part, meaninglessly.
  • Whereas pleasure manifests itself immediately, our taste in meaning may be more elusive.

This class costs £55 and is run by an experienced, compassionate member of our faculty. You can read more about our faculty here. 

Dates and times are available to book below. New dates for this class are added throughout the year.

Weekday evening classes
6:40pm doors open, drinks and nibbles
7:00pm class begins
9:30pm class ends

Saturday afternoon classes
2:10pm doors open, coffee and snacks
2:30pm class begins
5:00pm class ends

Classroom Location: The School of Life, 70 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AB

For more information, please see our London FAQs or contact


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The Meaning of Life

£40 Friends | £55 Standard (plus fees)

When and where:
  • Fri 27 Mar 2020 6:40pm
  • Sat 2 May 2020 2:10pm
    The School of Life, 70 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AB