How to Identify Your Career Potential

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Many of us have a strong (and sometimes maddening) feeling that there is a job out there that could properly satisfy us, allowing us to develop our potential and talent. But we may remain troublingly vague about what exactly this ideal job might be - and what our talents and interests really are. We feel the clock ticking mercilessly, and are always under pressure to earn money and secure status. We tend to suffer this dilemma in private, feel ashamed of doing so, and wonder whether progress can ever be made.

At The School of Life, we recognise that there are few greater challenges than finding a job we can love - and at the same time, we’ve seen that with the right ideas in mind, enormous progress can be made towards knowing ourselves, identifying our true goals and grasping what we should do next.

In How to Identify Your Career Potential we will:

  • Receive an introduction to a rigorous set of concepts and exercises to help us understand our career potential.
  • Discover how to align our potential with the opportunities of the professional world.
  • Explore our personalities and sift through our authentic interests.
  • Consider a variety of blocks and inhibitions which prevent us from pushing forward with our instincts and desires.
  • Pay particular attention paid to parental and societal expectations. 

How to Identify Your Career Potential takes us from unfocused aspirations towards a clear-headed and realistic plan as to what our next professional steps should be.

Weekday evening classes
6:40pm     doors open, for drinks, nibble and introductions
7:00pm     class begins
9:30pm     class ends

Saturday afternoon classes
2:10pm      doors open, for coffee, snacks and introductions
2:30pm     class begins
5:30pm     class ends

Classroom Location: The School of Life, 70 Marchmont Street, WC1N 1AB


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How to Identify Your Career Potential

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