How to Be Serene - Virtual Class

 You can experience The School of Life from your home by joining our programme of virtual classes. Classes are delivered via Zoom and feature expert teachers, enlightening content, interactive exercises with other participants, practical guidance, comfort and consolation. Further information on how to connect to the class will be made available once you have purchased a ticket.

What is ‘How to Be Serene’?

How to be Serene is a 2 hour class by The School of Life which takes place regularly in our virtual classroom over Zoom. It is one of 12 classes around our 4 core themes: Love, Work, Self and Culture.

Why should I attend?

Few life skills are as neglected, yet as important, as the ability to remain calm. Our very worst decisions and interactions are almost invariably the result of a loss of calm - and a descent into anxiety and agitation. Surprisingly, but very fortunately, our power to remain calm can be rehearsed and improved.

We don't have to remain where we are now: our responses to everyday challenges can dramatically alter. We can educate ourselves in the art of remaining calm not through slow breathing or special teas but through thinking. This is a class that patiently unpacks the causes of our greatest stresses and gives us a succession of highly persuasive, beautiful and sometimes dryly comic arguments with which to defend ourselves against panic and fury.

What will I learn?

How to Be Serene teaches:

  • Many of the things we become angry about are neither random nor vain.

  • The things we worry about are obscure yet critical signals about what may be amiss in our lives.

  • We should not try to deny or neuter anxiety or rage, but learn to interpret it more skilfully.


Evening Classes - Please note that all timings are in British Summer Time (BST)

6:30pm BST session opens

6:45pm BST class begins

9:00pm BST class ends


Morning Classes - Please note that all timings are in British Summer Time (BST)

9:30am BST session opens

9:45am BST class begins

12:00pm BST class ends




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Classroom Testimonials

‘I loved this lesson! It really identified new and existing issues I have with various areas of my life; I learned a lot and I hope this is the seed planting that will continue to grow and flourish.’

‘Opened my eyes to a completely new way of thinking with practical tips on how to actually implement.’

‘This was such a lovely and enriching experience; I'm so glad I was able to come and experience this class; thank you.’ 

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How to Be Serene - Virtual Class

£40 Friends | £55 Standard (plus fees)

When and where:
  • Sat 25 Jul 2020 6.30pm BST
    Zoom (Virtual Class)