The School of Life Friends - 1 Year Membership

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We’re sometimes not too sure how we get into good friendships. It seems to happen rather mysteriously: we talk of somewhat randomly ‘clicking’ with people. Trying to plan for it sounds like cheating. But in a busy world, the desire to socialise authentically, with interesting, like-minded people, deserves to be addressed directly.

That’s why we created The School of Life Friends scheme. Membership gives you access to a year-long series of regular conversation drinks, each one anchored around a big idea we’ll discuss over drinks and food. Every month, in a central London venue, we come together with other members of the diverse and bright community of the School of Life. At each event, you’ll be offered a conversation menu and systematically (and entertainingly) introduced to everyone else in the room. If you enjoy our work, you will find kindred spirits. The evenings are guaranteed to be stimulating and reassuring - as well as prompts to genuine connection and insight.

The Programme Includes

    • Access to the cycle of regular Friends' conversation drinks in central London venues, plus a free ticket to the first event. 
    • Subsequent Friends' events cost as little as £20 per ticket.
    • 10% discount on all core classesone-day and professional workshops, and Special Events
    • 10% discount across our range of products, online or in store
    • Access to future international Friends Conversation Drinks in any of our branches worldwide
    • Our Friends Newsletter
    • A handsome and distinctive membership pin badge*

    The programme lasts for one year, after which you will be asked if you'd like to renew your subscription.

    If you would like to buy friends membership for someone else, you can purchase a Friends Gift E-Voucher here.

    Friends' Events topics

    Over the course of the year, our conversation evenings cover the following topics:

    October: School
    November: The Point of it all
    December: Secrets
    January: Resolutions
    February: Love
    March: Family
    April: Hope
    May: Work
    June: Confessions
    July: Taboos
    August: The Body
    September: Utopia

    [the themes recur, so you can join at any time and enjoy the cycle of 12]

    * Please note, membership badges may take up to 12 weeks for delivery

    The School of Life Friends - 1 Year Membership


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