Small Pleasures Card Set

A set of cards which display beautiful photographs of life’s smaller pleasures.

We’re surrounded by some big, powerful ideas about the sort of things that will make us happy. But lot of what makes life worth living isn't to do with great, heroic or costly things, but with modest pleasures that are all around us, largely unnoticed, available for almost nothing. It might be a beautiful sky, the smell of freshly cut grass, or a friend who understands how we feel.

This pack of cards draws us back to an appreciation of the overlooked, ordinary consolations of life. With beautiful photography and a few well-chosen words, they gently prompt us to remember that life is more precious and richer than we generally allow.

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Pleasures Include:

  • A crackling fire.

  • Pleasant exhaustion after a productive day.

  • A favourite jumper.

  • Bad magazines and a bath.

  • Holding hands with a small child.

  • Alone in the car in an empty motorway at twilight.

The tiny cards have small delicate type on one side and emotive photographic imagery on the other to create a small jewel-like object that reflects the precious thoughts contained within.

How to Use the Cards:

  • Keep the cards to hand to encourage you to think about how you might incorporate smaller pleasures into your day.

  • Pin up some cards around a room to remind yourself of the smaller pleasures lurking within the folds of your life.

  • Offer them as a gift to a friend who appreciates, or needs guiding towards, the genuine pleasures of life.

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60 cards in box | 100mm x 80mm x 22mm

Small Pleasures Card Set

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