Selected Essays

The essay has played a crucial role in the development of philosophy, reason and culture. Writers from Michel de Montaigne to Virginia Woolf have practised and developed the form to present their ideas in a clear, concise, and accessible way. In many respects, the essay is the perfect form for our hectic and tumultuous times: providing compelling, transformative insights and perspectives that can be absorbed in an afternoon.

Since our founding, we have been dedicated to producing thoughtful, entertaining and beautifully written essays on some of the larger questions of our lives. Our Selected Essays brings together some of the best writing from 10 years of The School of Life. They include essays on self-knowledge, confidence, marriage, psychotherapy and the value of every day pleasures: all contained in a colourful and elegantly designed slipcase. It’s the perfect addition to any bookcase or library: a collection that can be dipped into whenever a brief and consoling argument is needed.

Essay Books Include:

  • Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person
    A collection of essays on the perils and consolations of marriage, extended from the New York Times most read article of 2016.

  • Why We Hate Cheap Things 
    A collection of essays examining why we often pine for what is exotic, costly and out of reach, reawakening us to the latent beauty of what we already have.
  • Self-Knowledge
    This essay book takes us on a journey into our deepest, most elusive selves and arms us with a set of tools to understand our characters properly. We come away with a newly clarified sense of who we are, what we need to watch out for when making decisions, and what our priorities and potential might be.
  • On Confidence 
    A collection of essays on the skill of self-belief, walking us around the key issues that stop us from making more of our potential.
  • What is Psychotherapy?
    A collection of essays explaining the purpose and meaning of psychotherapy, debunking myths and offering up case studies of how it can work.

Set of 5 hardback essay books | Cardboard slipcase | 192 x 117 x 64 mm 

Selected Essays

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