Anti-Capitalist Notebooks

3 Notebooks, 3 Thinkers

History is filled with some fascinating 'schools of thought' dedicated to tackling life's big problems in distinctive ways. We've created this exquisite set of notebooks in honour of The Anti-Capitalists.

Each notebook carries an introduction to a great Anti-Capitalist thinker on the inside front page, their name beautifully printed on the cover - and otherwise empty pages for your own projects.

Thinkers featured in these notebooks: Rousseau, Marx, Adorno

In the modern age, gigantic corporations have come to rule the planet: laying down railways, flattening forests and distributing fizzy drinks to the remotest parts of our continents. Communities have been broken up, people exploited, and rubbish dropped everywhere, all because a few beneficiaries would like to have a little more money in their bank accounts. It can be enraging. Yet at every stage there have been thinkers who have considered how capitalism might be improved or overcome. Their ideas are an example of bravery: the hope that a tiny minority might transform the world for the better.

Other School of Thought Notebooks in the series: The ExistentialistsThe PessimistsThe StoicsThe Buddhists, The Feminists

A set of three paper-bound notebooks | 125 x 178mm with yellow contrast stitch |  plain, grid and lined paper (one of each) | 64pp 

Anti-Capitalist Notebooks

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