On Love: A Box Set

At The School of Life we believe literature has the power to transform lives and that quality will always matter more than quantity. Each title in our Box Set collection contains our pick of essential classic and modern texts on a given theme. They’re our favourite lifetime companions and guides.

This set is about Love. Follow four thinkers as they try to understand love, to reason with it - and, ultimately, fall at its feet. 

Books in this box set:

  • On Love by Stendhal
    Blending rational analysis with romantic feeling, Stendhal strives to explain love, in a tale inspired by his own unrequired love for Mathilde, Countess Dembowska.
  • Essays in Love by Alain de Botton
    Part novel, part non-fiction, this story follows two young people, who meet on an airplane between London and Paris and rapidly fall in love.
  • A Lover’s Discourse by Roland Barthes
    For Barthes, love is language: “I’m so in love!” “I love you so much!”, and his discourse is a dictionary of love, striving to understand what we mean by love. 
  • Conditions of Love by John Armstrong
    Drawing on poetry, novels, philosophy, paintings and music, Armstrong tells a history of love. 

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A set of four hardback books | Linen bound with foil graphics | 12cm x 20cm x 8cm

Winner of a D&DA award: Wood Pencil/Book Design/Specialist & Limited Edition Books 2016

On Love: A Box Set

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