Interesting Guests: Conversation Placemats

A set of 4 inspiring dining table placemats featuring some of the most interesting thinkers of our time, to encourage discussion and dinner time debate.

Many of us have become quite good at preparing nice food for evenings around a table together. But we’re still learning how to have really great conversations to go with what we eat: the sort that open new perspectives, make us feel more intelligent than we normally do and let us share vulnerabilities and fears. That’s why we’ve made four placemats, each showcasing a truly explosive, fascinating thinker – whose insights and provocations can encourage us to make more of our meal times, and to be better hosts and conversationalists.

Set One features:

  • Frida Kahlo - Artist
  • Oscar Wilde - Writer
  • Mary Wollstonecraft - Activist
  • The Buddha - Philosopher

Set Two features:

  • Sigmund Freud - Psychoanalyst
  • Coco Chanel - Designer
  • Niccolò Machiavelli - Politician
  • Rachel Carson - Environmentalist

To read more on the subject of Great Thinkers of our time, visit our blog The Book of Life.

Set of 4 Matte laminate printed cork based placemats | 215 x 290mm | Printed leaflet and gift box

Illustrations by Stuart Patience.

Interesting Guests: Conversation Placemats

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