The Imperfection Pot

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A humble ceramic pot crafted according to ‘wabi sabi’ principles of artistic imperfection, to remind us of the inevitable imperfection of every day life.

Inspired by the Japanese tradition of wabi sabi, which finds beauty in humble, imperfect and easily overlooked places, this Imperfection Pot was made with a free hand which has resulted in the appearance of subtle flaws. Rather than ruin it, these imperfections are the key to its charm. They encapsulate – and promote more widely in life – an attitude of generosity and acceptance.

To contemplate an object and to live with it is to let a little of its character seep into our own souls. If only briefly, we become more like it. This pot, designed by Adam Buick, has a traditional celadon glaze of greyish green, associated with calm in buddhism. It is tranquil and modest, as if it is untroubled by aspiration and content to be only what it is.

Inconsistencies in the pot’s form and finish are intentional. It is designed to help us in the tricky but necessary task of accepting and even learning to appreciate our imperfections – as well as the flaws of others. The imperfect pot provides a counter to our yearning for perfection, which can be relentless. The pot is something to turn to for support and inspiration when our unreasonably high expectations of ourselves and those around us threaten to get out of control.

About the Artist: Adam Buick

The Imperfection Pot was designed by Adam Buick, a Ceramic Artist based in West Wales. His work can be found in public and private collections around the world. The shapes he throws are based on Moon Jars (dal hang-ari), an ancient Korean form, originally made from plain white porcelain. The Moon Jar represents the epitome of the austere Confucian virtues of purity, honesty and modesty. Adam’s work explores the human experience of landscape, and he uses the form of the Moon Jar as the basic composition in his work. With every piece he strives to find beauty in imperfection, a reflection of the landscape around him.

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10 x 10 cm ceramic pot | Wooden box 12 x 12 cm | Supporting booklet

The Imperfection Pot

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