How to Make Love Last Gift Set

A gift set containing Relationship Reboot, Pillow Talk, 100 Questions: Love Edition, and Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person.

We often suffer in relationships because we don’t know how to talk. A failure to communicate our feelings and desires is often the root cause of a breakdown of intimacy - just as frank and honest conversation is the bedrock of a lifelong and fulfilling partnership.

This curated gift set contains tools designed to help us better understand and communicate with our partners. It contains prompts, wisdom and advice for speaking about the more difficult areas of our relationships - sex, emotional honesty, conflicting priorities, and trust - encouraging us to be open about the deepest aspects of ourselves and to recognise each other for the complex, flawed and profoundly strange individuals that we all are at heart.  

Consider giving this as a gift a partner or friend who’s struggling to articulate their feelings, or perhaps one failing to understand your own.   

Contained in this set:

Relationship Reboot This box is a tool to save love - helping partners to work out how to speak about, and listen to, what is really on their minds.

20 cards in a gift box | 159mm x 115mm x 20mm

Pillow Talk This pack of cards is designed to spark the best kind of pillow talk: the sort where we explore sex with intimacy, playfulness and intellectual curiosity.

60 cards in a gift box | 100mm x 80mm x 32mm | Contains adult content

Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person This book proposes that we don’t need perfection to be happy, proposing instead that we celebrate the inevitable and distinctive wrongness that lies in ourselves and our beloveds.

Hardback book | 71 pages | 187mm x 115 mm x 10mm | Colour photographs

100 Questions: Love Edition This card game contains 100 carefully composed questions, designed by leading experts, on how to get lovers talking to one another and their friends about who they are, what they want, and who they hope to become.

100 question cards with box |150mm x 115mm x 50mm

How to Make Love Last Gift Set

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