How to Find Love Gift Set

A gift set containing How to Find Love, Relationships, Sex, Who Should I Be With? and Stay or Leave? 

When it comes to finding love, many of us struggle, and for reasons that we cannot easily explain. Making decisions about a relationship can prove fiendishly difficult because often it is hard to understand what we really want - what our ‘type’ is, whether someone fulfills our emotional needs, and what it is we truly desire in and from another person.  

This curated gift set contains tools designed to help us work through every stage of our love lives - from finding and choosing a partner, to deciding whether to stay or leave a tricky relationship, and negotiating the modern world of sex, to managing the ups and downs of a long-term partnership.

Consider giving this as a gift to a friend or loved one who is looking for love, or hoping to reassess or rekindle it.

Contained in this set:

How to Find Love This book explains why we have the ‘types’ we do, and how our early experiences give us scripts of how and whom we love. It provides a crucial set of ideas to help us make safer, more imaginative and more effective choices in love.

Hardback book | 96 Pages | 181mm x 110mm x 10 mm

Relationships This book starts from the premise that love is a skill to be learnt, rather than just an emotion to be felt. It takes us around the key issues of relationships, making sure that success in love need never again be just a matter of luck.

Hardback book | 118 Pages | 190mm x 140mm x 16mm | Yellow ribbon bookmark

Sex This book provides a relief from the loneliness and confusion, explaining how sex truly operates. The book demonstrates that, far from thinking about sex too much, we haven't begun to think about it as deeply as we should.

Hardback book | 128 pages | 179mm x 120mm x 150mm | Yellow ribbon bookmark

Who Should I Be With? A game designed to sharpen our sense of what we should be looking for in love. It comprises a number of cards which describe some leading habits and character traits in people, inviting us to reflect on what truly matters to us and what we could endure, if we had to.

53 game cards | 89mm x 126mm | Instruction card included

Stay or Leave? The decision whether we should stay or leave a tricky relationship is among the most challenging any of us has to make. This box contains a set of reflections and questions to help us clarify some of the core issues we should work through before quitting or committing.

52 game cards | 89mm x 126mm | Instruction card included

How to Find Love Gift Set

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