How to Develop Self-Knowledge Gift Set

A gift set containing Self-Knowledge, Emotional First Aid Kit, and No One is Normal tote bag.

Though all of us appreciate the difficulty in understanding others, we often take for granted our grasp of our own perceptions and beliefs. But knowing ourselves turns out to be one of the most confounding and fundamental challenges of our lives.

This curated gift set contains tools designed to help us see ourselves for who we really are. It shows us how to make decisions based on our conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings, and lets us spread the word about the unique yet fundamental peculiarities all of us possess.    

Consider giving this as a gift to a friend or loved one hoping to make sense of their inner selves, or who worry about what lies at the heart of them.

Contained in this set:

Self-Knowledge This book takes us on a journey into our deepest, most elusive selves and arms us with a set of tools to understand our characters properly.

Hardback book | 96 Pages | 181mm x 110 mm x 10mm

Emotional First Aid Kit This is a counterpart to that medical first aid kit, an emotional kit that provides a set of useful salves to some of life’s most challenging psychological situations.

20 printed booklets in box | 157 x 115 x 45mm | Contains adult content

No One is Normal This tote bag helps us make a public statement of a universal truth - that we are all fascinatingly peculiar

Heavy-duty canvas tote | 100% cotton | 37.5cm x 40 cm

How to Develop Self-Knowledge Gift Set

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