Homeware as Therapy Collection

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One of the most meaningful activities we are ever engaged in is the creation of a home. From the day we move in, we will spend countless hours - perhaps a lifetime - searching for the perfect collection of objects to furnish its rooms. Though obsessing about finding the ‘right’ apron or tea-towel might seem frivolous, the task is highly meaningful. All objects are, in their own way, hugely eloquent: they have personalities, and embody particular human traits. An object feels ‘right’ when it speaks to qualities that we are drawn to, but don’t quite possess enough of in our day to day lives.

That’s why we created our Homeware as Therapy collection. As well as having a practical function, each item in our collection conveys a crucial human truth. They are small reminders of some of life’s largest ideas: that beneath our exteriors, all of us are frightened, vulnerable, and in need of comfort and compassion. As well as being beautiful objects made with the finest fabrics and materials, they are a daily reminder of the wisdom we need to see us through.

I’m a Mess Apron

We’re normally keen to hide the messy sides of ourselves, for fear of seeming abnormal or embarrassing. This apron urges us to make our peace with our less than perfect, blotchy and dishevelled selves in a spirit of defiant joy.

Apron with front pocket | 100% Cotton | Blue with white print | Adult Size | 90 x 71cm

Handle with Care Oven Gloves

Handling something, anything, with care is a profound human accomplishment. These oven gloves celebrate the too often neglected art of being delicate towards what might break or get damaged, reminding the kitchen (and the world) of the vital virtue of careful handling.

Quilted Cotton Oven Glove | Grey with white print | Hanging Loop | Outer: 100% Cotton Inner: 100% Polyester | 90 x 18cm

Embrace the Ordinary Tea Towel

The ordinary has a very bad name, yet the paradoxical fact remains that happiness often gathers in unprestigious places. This tea towel invites us celebrate the modest, beautiful, ordinary moments of life that lie within our reach.

Cotton tea towel | Blue with white print

Cleaning as Therapy Sea Breeze Soap

One of the most neglected therapeutic of pleasures is that of cleaning; it’s a way to rid ourselves of trouble and to allow room for renewal. This refreshing soap is carefully designed to freshen up your state of mind and approach the world with a little more confidence and serenity.

Sea Breeze Soap | 230gm | Made in Portugal

Homeware as Therapy Collection

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