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Life Lessons with Robert Webb

Join one half of the most accomplished comic duo in Britain as he and psychologist Tanya Byron explore what it means to be a boy – and a man – in 21st century Britain.

Robert Webb grew up knowing the Rules for Being a Man:

  • Don't Cry
  • Love Sport
  • Play Rough
  • Drink Beer
  • Don't Talk About Feelings.

But he has been wondering for some time now: are those rules actually any use? To anyone?

In The School of Life’s Life Lessons series, clinical psychologist, writer and broadcaster Professor Tanya Byron explores the psyches of some of the most eminent figures in our culture – from politicians to CEOs, artists to philosophers. Now it’s time to explore what it’s like being Robert Webb – and above all, a chance to explore what being a man really means.

Hilarious and heart-breaking, this Life Lessons event will explore the relationships that made Robert who he is as a man, the lessons we learn as sons and daughters, and the understanding that sometimes you aren't the Luke Skywalker of your life - you're actually Darth Vader.


19.00           Venue opens
19.30           Talk begins
20.40           Audience Q&A (times may vary)
21.00           Book signing
21.30           Event ends 

More about the speakers

Robert Webb

Robert WebbRobert Webb has been a male for his whole life. As such, he has been a boy in a world of fighting, pointless posturing, and the insistence that he stop crying. Looking back over his life, from schoolboy crushes (on girls and boys) to discovering the power of making people laugh (in the Cambridge Footlights with David Mitchell), and from losing his beloved mother to becoming a husband and father, Robert Webb will consider the absurd expectations boys and men have thrust upon them at every stage of life.

Tanya Byron

Tanya ByronProfessor Tanya Byron is a clinical psychologist specialising in working with children and adolescents. Drawing from her many years of professional experience, she will explore with Robert the assumptions that shape our idea of masculinity, especially in early life. Their conversation will look at the expectations placed on young men, the normalising approach to gender roles which influence us in our development and affect our ideas about identity and acceptable behaviour.  

"Pretending is not Normal. Normal boys have real fights, not pretend fights. Nor are they virgins at fifteen. Nor do they write a diary."

- Robert Webb, 'How Not To Be A Boy'


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Life Lessons with Robert Webb



Special Event


Thu 19th Oct 2017 (19.00)


Mary Ward House 5-7 Tavistock Place London WC1H 9SN
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