Darwin and Woolf Notebooks

A twin A4 notebook set inspired by the work of Charles Darwin and Virginia Woolf.

A big thinker isn’t just someone who is famous for their ideas. What makes them big is that they get at things which matter to us personally: they discover ideas that help us live as we’d like to. These notebooks introduce two of the world's Big Thinkers: Darwin & Woolf, their names emblazoned on the front, with the inside blank for your own ideas.

Darwin & Woolf

Darwin showed us how we came to be the unique creatures we are. Woolf, who read him closely, noticed areas of our minds that no one had ever described before. Animals we may be, but never more impressive than in the case of these two great English thinkers.

To read more about Charles Darwin and Virginia Woolf, visit our blog The Book of Life.

 A set of two A4 notebooks | 210mm x 297mm with black contrast stitch | plain, and lined paper (one of each)

Darwin and Woolf Notebooks

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