100 Questions: Set of 4

A full compendium of our 100 question toolkits which offers a saving from their individual price: each of the four sets provides question cards which explore the ideas and uncertainties surrounding the topics of family, love, and work.

It isn’t easy to get into a good conversation. Many of our best ones seem to have happened by chance. Far from it – we believe a great conversation always starts with someone asking a great question.

In these 4 sets of beautiful cards, you’ll find laid out a hundred of the very best questions around, carefully designed to get a group of people into exceptionally entertaining and meaningful conversations.

Save £20 with this compendium: usually £80 for four sets.

Sets included in the Compendium:

These question cards can be brought out at family gatherings or dinner parties to provoke debate and initiate discussions which might otherwise go neglected. A lovely gift for anyone who’d like to have a source of unforgettable conversation waiting on their coffee table.

Example Questions

  • How strict will you be as a parent?
  • How many times a week do you feel dissatisfied about your work? What tends to trigger the dissatisfaction?
  • If you had to join someone else’s family, which family would you choose?
  • Which of your flaws would you like to be treated generously?
  • The best way to get me to do something I don’t want to do is…
  • If humans were able to, would you want to live on Mars?

 4 boxes | 100 question cards in each box | 150 x 115 x 50mm

100 Questions: Set of 4

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