The School of Life App: Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently. If your query isn't answered here, do get in touch with us.

Where can I download The School of Life app?

You can download the app direct from the iTunes store here.

Is an Android version of the app available?
The app is only available to iOS users at the moment, but we plan to release a version for Android in 2018.

I have forgotten my password. How do I reset it?
Click on Sign in with Email and choose the Login option. Once directed to the Welcome Back screen, click on the Forgot Password? link and follow the instructions given. A temporary password will be sent to your registered account. Please make sure:

  • to check your spam/junk/social folders for the password reset email
  • that is in your list of safe email senders

Note: Sometimes password details can take a bit of time to update; if you’re unable to immediately log in with your new password, please wait a minute and try again.

Still haven’t received the password reset email? Please contact us directly at

How do I change my password?
You can change your password within the online settings on the app. Visit Profile > Settings > Change Password and enter the information as directed.

Please note, it is only possible to change your password with an email/password combination sign-up. If you created your account through Facebook and follow the same steps as above to change your password, your default login method will revert to an email/password sign-in.

How do I sign up via Facebook?
Click on the Sign up via Facebook option, which will direct you to the Facebook webpage. You can either choose to log in via the official Facebook app, or visit the webpage on your browser to log in with your phone number or email address. Make sure to grant all permissions to the app. While you can edit the information that the app receives - the email address and friends list - if you deselect the email field, the login method will not work.

How can I delete my account?
If you want to delete your profile, you are able to do so in the Settings. Go to the Profile tab, click through to Settings and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll find the option to delete your account beneath the Log Out option and the School of Life logo. If you experience any difficulties during this process, you can get in touch with our team at, providing the email address you registered to your account so that we can delete it from the system. This action is permanent and removes all your details from our database.

How do I change the location displayed on my profile?
When you first sign up to the app, you will be prompted to enter your location: manually or using your exact GPS location. This can be edited at a later stage once your profile has been created. To do this, go to the Profile tab, click Edit My Profile and select the City option to enter your location. Don’t forget to have your GPS function enabled if you want your location to automatically be detected.

I’m having trouble accessing posts/when I try to open a post nothing appears - What should I do?
Our servers are running at full capacity and this may, at times, slow down the connection speed. Please be patient and wait for the page to load - it will do eventually.

Navigation on the app is proving to be difficult - is there an easier way of viewing comments without endless back and forth?
You can move from the bottom of the page to the top by lightly tapping the top of the screen to return to the navigation arrows and the features bar.

The screen resolution is not compatible with my device - what can I do? 
For users running the app on the iPhone X, please be aware that we are still in the process of developing a version that is compatible. Since our app development preceded the launch of the iPhone X, we need some time to catch up. We are also working on improving the format of the app available for other device such as iPads and iPods.

I’ve accidentally reported a comment - can I undo this? 
In the event that you have unintentionally reported a comment, do not worry. Our team monitors the reported comments to verify that only those with inappropriate content are acted upon according to its content. Please note that posts that contain abuse or offensive language will be deleted, and further action may be taken if necessary.

What is ‘Forum Activity’ and how does it work?
Forum Activity is The School of Life’s notification system, enabling you to see how other users interact with your contributions in the community threads (namely liking and replying to your responses). You can click through the notifications to get to the right post.

To whom can I send feedback or suggestions? 
We are always happy to receive suggestions to further improve the user experience in future. Contact Please be aware that we cannot respond to every message individually, although we do read the content.