Samantha Clarke

Samantha Clarke

Over the past exciting and varied 13 years of experience, Samantha has worked as a brand and strategy consultant, trend and innovation researcher, emerging markets connector, style and personal brand educator and lecturer on personal and work development.

After a bit of soul searching and streamlining, she’s come to terms with the fact that three main things get her out of bed; teasing solutions out of matted problems, being a catalyst for great ideas and supporting and inspiring individuals to make changes and be their best.

Samantha now enjoys a portfolio career between lecturer & change-maker, style educator and happiness consultant

At The School of Life, Samantha teach classes on leadership, communication, relationships, creativity, confidence and the self-conceived ‘Dressing Well’ class.

As a style therapist and educator, Samantha inspires women of all levels to present themselves at their best, whether CEO's or recent graduates. She concentrates on the two topics that can make or break a first impression: clothes and confidence.

Finally as a happiness consultant for companies, Samantha helps them answer the question... ‘what do we do next?’ in order to take the next step to grow to their full potential. By generating solutions to complicated questions, she develops flexible and innovative ways of shaping culture and work processes to make people happy.