Dr Richard Vincent

Dr Richard Vincent

Counselling Psychologist (HCPC accredited)

Chartered Psychologist (BPS registered) 

Richard has worked in a variety of therapeutic settings within the NHS, charities and in private practice. He has gained experience of most types of client distress. His approach to therapy always involves listening carefully, not judging and working collaboratively with clients. He tries to create a tailored plan with clients to make progress towards agreed goals. These can relate to more existential matters as much as more concrete difficulties. Richard encourages clients to develop an honest, transparent relationship with him which allows progress to be reviewed and therapy to be adjusted as necessary.  He is happy to help with short-term or longer term therapeutic journeys and is increasingly working flexibly including video-conference using Skype.

More specifically, Richard’s counselling psychology doctoral training involved several types of therapy including humanistic, cognitive-behavioural (CBT) and psychodynamic. He uses these varied perspectives to help understand the way clients' lives have become ‘stuck’ in one way or another. As clients develop a sense of freedom, they are developing emotional intelligence which is at the core of The School of Life's values.

If you are unsure whether we can help, we would suggest you contact us by sending an email to therapy@theschooloflife.com