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The School of Life is a global organisation helping people live more fulfilled lives. Select one of the icons below to
discover a range of tools and suggestions. We suggest Self-Knowledge is a safe place to start if you’re not sure.

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We offer an ever-expanding range of tools to help you work on your self-development in your own time – including books, conversation cards, games and stationery.

Crafted in-house by our experts, each of our products is beautifully designed and eminently practical: teaching you vital emotional skills and helping you reach a new perspective on your problems. Find the perfect gift for someone you know – or just for yourself.


New | How to Get on With Your Colleagues & How to Think More Effectively

The Work Series is a collection of guides to the psychology of the workplace, exploring the emotional skills all professionals and businesses need to thrive in the modern economy.


Our Latest Products

The School of Life Events

We run a full curriculum of classes throughout the year designed to help you find fulfilment in key areas of your life. Taught by members of our faculty, they’re an opportunity to gain unique insights, learn practical skills, and meet and share with others with experiences just like yours. 

We also host regular conversations and special events with leading writers, psychotherapists, and emotional experts offering unique perspectives on life’s largest questions, as well as our bi-annual Conference, where like-minded strangers from all over the world gather for a three-day symposium on the latest and best of our wisdom. 

The School of Life Conference

Our conference brings together curious people from across the globe for three days exploring the fundamentals of a fulfilled life. Make new friendships, gain vital emotional skills, and discover a more satisfying and meaningful way of living.

Events at The School of Life

Whether you’re new to The School of Life and looking for a short introduction to a particular topic, or wish to undertake a comprehensive programme of development and make changes in every area of your life, we offer events suited to you.

Life Happens: How to Grow Through Change with Julia Samuel

This March, Julia will visit The School of Life for a conversation about the vagaries of life and our how we can evolve to cope. Whether you’re trying to let go of an old wound or embrace a new beginning, the discussion will help you find your own way forward.

The School of Life for Business


We deliver learning experiences for the workplace, based on 20 emotional skills in response to the main challenges faced by our clients. We provide bespoke training solutions and can build a programme to fit the needs of your organisation.


Therapy at The School of Life


At The School of Life, we believe that getting therapeutic help should be an ordinary and wholly unsurprising thing. We offer psychotherapycouple therapypremarital therapycareer counselling and group therapy services.



TSOL YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel hosts weekly videos on topics that matter. With over 5 million subscribers worldwide, it’s an unrivalled resource of short films about ancient philosophy, modern romance, and the future of humanity.


The Book Of Life

The Book of Life

The Book of Life is an ever-expanding archive of wisdom about life’s most common and enduring questions. Find hundreds of articles on topics as varied as choosing a partner, talking to strangers at a party, and the very meaning of existence.