How To Live In The City: Istanbul (IN ENGLISH)

* with dinner

Aristotle believes that a city is a place where people come to live, and they remain there in order to live better: "A city comes into being for the sake of life but exists for the sake of living well.”

What is a city for, then? How should we live there? What does "living well" even mean?

Choosing to live in a city has no difference than choosing a partner to have a relationship with. Just like any relationship, the relationship with the city requires an understanding of each other, constant practice, and work. City living can make and break us in the same day, week, or even hour. 

This interactive workshop "How to Live in the City” is created to help with the challenges we face living in the city, in our case in Istanbul. It explores the art and science of loving the place you live and teaches us how our greatest invention could actually make us smarter, healthier, and happier. In the second part, it focuses on Istanbul which is a complex and vibrant city that only residents can begin to understand. With its dynamism, diversity and double-continent span, Istanbul has an option for every mood and moment. The goal here is to redefine the city in a way that fits with modern realities and the needs of ours. 

The venue, Daire 1 is an oasis decorated with mid-century taste located in the beautiful and vibrant district, Bebek.

The class is for anyone who has lived and/or is still living in a city.

19:00 - 19:45 Ice-Breaker and Group Dinner*

19:45 - 22:00 Interactive Workshop 

* Dinner involves starter, main course, dessert alternatives and is included in the class ticket. Beverages are optional and not included in the ticket. 


Ali Tufan Koc 1

New York-based Ali Tufan Koç is an editor, writer, and speaker whose passion for journalism began in his early years of college. He joined Hurriyet in 2012 after having worked as a Feature Editor at GQ Turkey since the launch of the magazine. Prior to joining GQ Turkey, he worked for many years as a cultural columnist at daily newspapers throughout Istanbul, Turkey.
In 2013, he started his own consultancy where he works with brands and professionals as a content consultant and story coach in Istanbul and New York. Having studied Business, Culture, and Media, Koç is inspired by the wisdom in culture and communication and the power of meaningful experiences that help us live wisely as well as the potential of human design to challenge how we live and offer ways in which we might live better. He regularly facilitates "How To Live in The City", and “How To Enjoy Your Life" classes at The School of Life, and runs a New York-based independent magazine called, Sumac.

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How To Live In The City: Istanbul (IN ENGLISH)

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