Meaningful Gifts from The School of Life

It’s no wonder we struggle when buying presents for our loved ones. We want the gifts we give to be meaningful...without necessarily knowing exactly what ‘meaningful’ means. 

An object becomes meaningful when it speaks to something crucially important that’s currently missing in someone’s life. It targets a deep, psychological need they possess — and gives them the means of fulfilling it.

This festive season, The School of Life is on hand to help you find the perfect meaningful gift, no matter who you’re buying for.

What is The School of Life?

The School of Life is a global organisation devoted to teaching you how to lead a more fulfilled life. We offer insights in the key ingredients of emotional well-being: how to form good relationships, identify a satisfying career, minimise anxiety, acquire confidence and connect properly with friends.

All our services are available around the world in digital format - via books, films, articles, online classes and online psychotherapy.

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Explore Bestsellers

Not sure what gift to buy? Our bestselling books and tools are guaranteed to make a meaningful impact on someone’s life.

Gifts under £12

A meaningful gift needn’t cost the earth — just as an expensive gift isn’t necessarily meaningful. We have a range of fulfilling gifts for under £12. 

Gifts for Couples

The most meaningful gift we can give those we love is the gift of love itself. Our gifts for partners and couples teach ways of understanding and strengthening intimacy.  

Gifts for Children

No one thinks more deeply about life’s big questions than the very young. Our gifts for children help them to understand philosophy, nature and their own emotions.

Gifts for Friends

Our friends deserve gifts as meaningful as the bond we share with them. Our gifts for friends are a way of honouring and deepening our dearest connections.

Gifts for Family

There’s no getting away from our families — and with the right tools, the time we spend with them can be deeply enriching. Our gifts help the whole family to understand each-other better.

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Become a Friend

Our Friend scheme is our inner-circle, designed to reward and recognise those who are closest to us. A year-long membership, for yourself or gifted to a loved one, includes many benefits and allows us to explore, and return to, every topic offered by The School of Life.

Develop Your Team

Our Virtual Business Workshops take your team - wherever they may be - through a range of key emotional skills needed to thrive in the world today; including resilience, calm, endurance and strategic foresight. We build and educate winning teams.