How to Have a Better Working Life

Many of us are unsure how to identify the right kind of work for us, or if we have found it, we are looking for ways to get more out of the many hours we spend working. We have developed a range of books, products and classes to help us all find a way through the labyrinth, discover how they can help you below.

How to Find a Job to Love | How to Be More Effective at Work | How to Be Confident | How to Fail

How to Find a Job You Love

How to Be More Effective at Work

Offices are places of immense psychological complexity. Discover our tools and ideas that help to build more emotionally intelligent offices.

How to Build Confidence

We tend to think of confidence as a quality we are simply lucky to possess, rather than as a skill which we can learn. At The School of Life we know that confidence is not a mysterious gift from the gods, it's secrets can be learned. We've produced several tools to help you to become more confident.

How to Fail

Working lives are inevitably filled as much with failure as with success. The School of Life is interested in teaching us how to fail well.

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