How to Have a More Interesting Social Life

Knowing how to get the most out of the people we meet, live with and work around is fundamental to our chances of a fulfilled life. We've written books, classes and digital content to help navigate the challenges of achieving a truly fulfilled social life. We've explored how to start more interesting conversations, how to be nice (and why it's important), and how we can enjoy our relationships with friends and family more deeply.

On Starting Better Conversations

Finding oneself in a good conversation can feel as haphazard and random as stumbling on a beautiful square in a foreign city at night ¬– and realising one won’t reliably know how to get back there in daytime. The tools below are each designed to help us find good conversations regularly and reliably, with the help of some well-placed prompts.

On the Overlooked Quality of Kindness

To create a more bearable world, we need to remember a central virtue that is as unglamorous as it is essential: kindness.

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