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Gifts to restore…

This year, The School of Life is celebrating Gifts to Restore… tools that help us to rediscover calm and joy, understand ourselves better and plot a path to greater fulfilment. We have gifts that restore intimacy between partners. Gifts that revive our motivation at work. Gifts that reawaken our youthful sense of wonder; reinforce a child’s native curiosity; or return our former clarity about who we really are (and who we’re trying to become).


We often speak of passion as something fleeting: a species of love that flares up at the start of a relationship before gradually fading away. But it isn’t true that the ‘spark’ is destined to die out — it just takes a little work to keep it alight. Our Gifts to Restore Intimacy are designed to rekindle passion, facilitate conversations in love and bring couples closer.



It’s never been harder to find calm. Our lives have become so hectic, and the world we inhabit so unpredictable, that finding even a moment of stillness and peace can seem impossible. Our Gifts to Restore Calm are designed to alleviate anxiety and practise healthier mental habits, helping someone you love cultivate a more present and serene mindset.



The longer we stick to a set routine — watching the same shows, eating the same meals, staring at the same four walls — the more our sense of the beauty and joy of existence is dulled. Our Gifts to Restore Wonder offer introductions to new ideas, new places and new experiences, encouraging someone you love to look at the world with fresh, unjaded eyes.



Those who suffer most keenly from loneliness don’t lack acquaintances. What they’re missing is the means of connecting with others on a deeper, more meaningful level. Our Gifts to Restore Connection are designed to strengthen friendships and enliven encounters with strangers, ensuring parties and gatherings are occasions for genuine conversations and connection.



It’s common to feel bored, listless and a little lost at work. We might be in the wrong job, of course…or we might have lost touch with the personal sources of pleasure that give our work meaning. Our Gifts to Restore Motivation are designed to harness our neglected mental reserves, helping us become more creative and productive and take the next steps in our career.



It’s sometimes said that life is a process of self-becoming, where we gradually discover more about ourselves over time. Yet unless we make time for self-analysis, our sense of who we are can grow weaker rather than stronger over time. Our Gifts to Restore Clarity help us develop greater self-knowledge, building a precise understanding of our past, passions, beliefs and goals.



Children are naturally curious; born with a boundless desire to understand the world and their place within it. Instead of offering them mindless distractions, adults should feed their appetite for knowledge and ideas. Our Gifts to Restore Curiosity introduce young minds to brilliant thinkers and wisdom, helping them grow into happy, healthy and emotionally mature adults.