The Good Enough Parent

Nowadays, it isn’t enough to be a good parent: we have to be perfect. We accept that childhood is the most important stage of life, where the course of one’s future is set - so surely, only perfection will do. Yet, in truth, this very noble goal is one we cannot hope to achieve - and, what’s more, we shouldn’t have to try. Children don’t need their parents to be perfect. They only need to be good enough.

The Good Enough Parent is a new approach to parenting from the School of Life. Through a series of wise and compassionate lessons, this new book teaches us how to provide an imperfectly perfect upbringing, from infancy to adolescence. Warm, witty and hugely redemptive, The Good Enough Parent is a guide to ensuring your child will look back on their upbringing with fondness, gratitude, and love.

To celebrate the launch of The Good Enough Parent by The School of Life, we invite you to a virtual discussion between podcaster Clemmie Telford and faculty member TSOL Tracey Fox. They’ll be exploring some of the key ideas raised in the book, including the role of ‘soothing’ in parenting, why all children must be unhappy sometimes and how we can best manage the long transition from infancy to adulthood. Hosted over Zoom, the discussion will be followed by a Q&A, where attendees will have a chance to contribute to the conversation and voice their own perspective on the ideas raised. It promises to be an insightful and consoling evening exploring the pleasures and pains of parenting.

The School of Life's latest book, The Good Enough Parent (RRP £15) is included in the ticket + book option. The book can only be sent to the UK ONLY and will be sent shortly before the event, however, we can not guarantee it will arrive before. Please note this ticket is not available for the Unlimted Programme. 

Time Table

7.15pm BST: Welcome 

7.30pmBST: Event Starts 

8.30pm BST: Q&A

8.45pm BST: Event Ends 

About the Speakers

Clemmie Telford is author of “BUT WHY?: How to Answer Tricky Questions From Kids and have an honest conversation with yourself”. Having struggled to find an honest account of the realities of being a parent Clemmie Telford did it herself. Doing so gained her traction and a valuable community and saved her sanity (in parts). Most importantly she is Mother to 3 kids. 

Tracey Fox is a coach, a facilitator, and a dispute resolution professional with 15 years’ experience as an Employment and Commercial Mediator. She holds a coaching certificate from Henley Business School and an MSc in Occupational and Organisational Psychology, from the University of East London. Throughout her career, she has been privileged enough to focus on helping people find solutions.

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  • Wed 22 Sep 2021 7.15pm BST - 8.45pm BST
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