One-Day Workshop (Virtual): Finding A Fulfilling Job

One of the most extraordinary and yet quietly routine assumptions of our age is that we should be able to find work that we can not only tolerate for the money but profoundly appreciate - work with a high degree of purpose, camaraderie and creativity. We see nothing strange in the remarkable notion that we should try to find a job we love.

This one-day virtual workshop insists that, in order to stand any chance of honouring our desire for meaningful employment, we will need to lavish concentrated brainpower, time and imagination on its underlying complexities.

In this day of study we will break down the challenge of finding a fulfilling job into its component parts: 

What do I find pleasurable?

We look at why it is so easy to be vague and confused about what we actually enjoy. We try out a number of exercises to get back in touch with our authentic interests, looking back at childhood as a source of clues. Using The School of Life’s Pleasure Menu Exercise as a prompt, we can draw up a list of our priorities. 

How life can hold me back from doing what I love.

We look at some of the most common blocks that impede people from acting on their desires. We consider how families subtly signal what a ‘good job’ is for someone like us, and thereby either close off or push us down certain avenues - without this necessarily being clear to us (or them). We look at our sense of duty, and the helpful and unhelpful ways in which it operates. We look at the fear that we don’t have enough time, and assess how true this might be - or not. 

I know what I like but am practically blocked.

Many of us blame a variety of practical obstacles for our inability to progress in our chosen area. We unpick what these might be, and whether we are right to respect them as we do. We consider the phenomenon of ‘fixation’ on certain careers - the belief that it must be X or nothing.

How realistic are our expectations?

We examine how our expectations about a ‘good job’ were formed. We probe whether these are grounded in reality, and consider a helpful alternate notion of ‘good enough’ work to guide our ambitions. We finish up by considering some of the downsides of all jobs, even those we consider the most fulfilling.

Our culture has set us a devilish problem: promising us that fulfilling jobs exist while, at the same time, leaving us woefully unprepared for how to discover our own aptitudes and appetites. The purpose of this day is to help to correct an epochal problem that quietly gnaws at our lives and tramples upon our legitimate hopes. We come away better able to understand our talents and to move forward using the opportunities that are open to us.

This virtual one day workshop brings together the best of The School of Life’s Work curriculum into a single high-intensity session.

(Please be aware, Finding a Fulfilling Job contains material from the following individual classes: How to Identify Your Career Potential, How to Fail, and How to Be Confident).


Raul Apariciis a coach, speaker, consultant and facilitator. He is the Faculty Lead at The School of Life where he delivers B2B and B2C workshops on different emotional skills. He is a faculty member on the Postgraduate Coaching and the MSc Coaching Programme at Birkbeck, University of London. 


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One-Day Workshop (Virtual): Finding A Fulfilling Job

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