Keynote Speeches

A series of one-hour interactive lectures on the role that emotions play in business and office life.

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Keynote Speeches from The School of Life for Business

Our Keynote Speeches provide a wise, thoughtful and entertaining perspective on some of the largest and thorniest questions employees and organisations face in today’s world: from dealing with emotional problems at work; to the keys to effective collaboration; to techniques to help us better understand our own minds. Delivered by experts from The School of Life faculty, they’re a brief but thorough introduction to some groundbreaking ideas for a larger audience.

1. An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

We know emotional intelligence is important, but we’re not always quite sure what it really is. This is an introduction: exploring what it means, how it can make teams and organisations more creative, collaborative, and productive, and how we can practice key emotional skills on a daily basis. We’ll also try some Philosophical Meditation, a technique for reflecting on anxieties, upsets and excitements to aid self-understanding and motivation.

2. From Gossip to Maturity: Overcoming Emotional Obstacles in the Workplace

Though we are expected to be ‘professional’ at the office, leaving all personal and emotional issues at the door, we can never entirely prevent crises, passions, neuroses and breakdowns from affecting our behaviour. This talk considers the workplace in more psychological terms, examining some of the reasons we struggle to keep our emotions in check, and how we might become slightly more mature, effective and serene.

3. Collaboration

The myth of the lone genius is a popular one, but no major accomplishment is achieved without collaboration; a business can live or die by the capacity of its employees to work together effectively. This talk takes us through its history to consider what collaboration really is (and isn’t), how we can combine strengths and cancel out weaknesses, and how through clear, honest and tactful communication we can overcome obstacles and achieve a common goal.