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Music Therapy

For many of us, music opens up a gateway to our deepest feelings and helps us to experience – or safely return to – uniquely tender and meaningful parts of ourselves. It is no coincidence that when we are little, it’s often via music that we are best soothed – or given permission to give way to joy and exuberance. Music therapy takes the emotional power of music as its starting point and puts it to work in the name of healing and self-understanding.


Music therapy can be experienced either more briefly over three or four sessions – or as a regular therapeutic process, according to interest and appetite.


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Our music therapists offer two therapeutic activities in particular to those starting out:

The Playlist of Our Lives

We all have pieces of music that move us with unusual power. This is a chance to take a selection of such pieces to a therapist who is both highly musically sensitive and psychologically literate, in order to discuss the emotions that surround our choices. What are our musical choices touching in us? What do they mean to us? What bits of us are they speaking for?

By being understood for our musical choices we are simultaneously extending understanding to parts of ourselves that might never have been witnessed so closely – lending us an empowering sense of being heard and affirmed. We are telling the private story of our lives through music.

The Song of Me

Most of us are extremely hesitant to imagine that we could ever give birth to a piece of music. However, with a music therapist, we can explore a remarkable question: what would some of our crucial emotions sound like if they were to be expressed as music? What would we want to ‘get out’ in musical form that was profoundly personal to us? Who are we as music?

Our skilled music therapists can help you to co-create – even online – sounds and a musical score that give shape to core emotions of a kind that may be hard to express in any other medium. Collaborating with them offers us a unique chance to express vital yet till-now perhaps undersupported bits of oneself.

Meet the team

Our service is delivered by practitioners who combine the best professional qualifications with a warm, kind manner. They bring years of experience to treatment and are expert at putting you at ease and engaging with whatever might be on your mind. Above all, they appreciate that you are interested in results.


George believes in the power of music to unlock emotions we have lost sight of – or can


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