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Dance & Movement Therapy

We may have a feeling that our bodies have grown inhibited or tense over the years – leading to a loss of spontaneity and joy. Dance and Movement therapy involves a range of exercises and practices that can increase our sense of bodily well-being: facilitators encourage us to engage in artistic and creative experiences that use physical movements and prompt us to take part in improvisational play. This kind of therapy can enhance bodily awareness, help us get in touch with lost feelings, boost confidence, release stress and improve social skills. We don’t have to be good at dancing or in any way innately well coordinated to be able to participate in this liberating and uplifting set of activities, nor do we have to have specific psychological problems to join in and discover a new ease and freedom.


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Our service is delivered by practitioners who combine the best professional qualifications with a warm, kind manner. They bring years of experience to treatment and are expert at putting you at ease and engaging with whatever might be on your mind. Above all, they listen with utmost care and provide space where your expectations are heard and recognised.


Elisavet wants to help you make friends with your own body; she wants to return you to a



Kyle is devoted to helping you feel more connected to your body and to the world – and


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