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After clients book an initial consultation, we send an email to ask what the experience was like. Consent and client data is something we take very seriously but also becomes complex. We really just want to maintain the quality of the service and protect clients. We’ve done our best to explain further below.Yours and your therapist’s names won’t be attached to your comments unless you write it deliberately in the comments section. If you write identifiable information like “We met on Mondays at 9am”, or “We worked for 21 sessions” or give the example of particular instance from a psychotherapy session then it may inadvertently reveal your identity to the therapist. Everyone in the psychotherapy team are professionals and trained to receive feedback openly. You can also request for us to take that information out and we can’t guarantee that we’ll conceal your identity but we’ll try our best.

We’ll then sensitively look at the feedback in a fair way and use it to improve the service. If you would like someone to contact you from the clinical team then you can email [email protected]. If you would like to provide feedback directly by email then you can email [email protected].

From time to time, we may need to contact clients directly for various reasons. If it’s not anonymous then we’ll make that clear.

We’ll store then delete the data according to the UK data protection laws.