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Our specialist faculty has been selected not just on their professional and academic expertise, but also on their ability to engage audiences with their dynamism, charisma and warmth. You can see their profiles on our faculty page.

Each participant will receive a Conversation Menu and related music playlist to enjoy before and  after the event.  

We generally do not allow filming of any of our live events as it would likely inhibit the feeling of safety and privacy required by attendees in order to participate fully. The nature of the Conversation events means that the most meaningful and valuable exchanges happen in private conversations between small sub-groups, and for this reason filming of the event would be detrimental to its success. 

Conversations can be delivered to groups of up to 100 people – as long as the right space or technology is available. As such, they act as a great introduction to The School of Life for Business. 


Yes. However, because certain Workshops, Talks and Conversations complement one another and work well in tandem, we often recommend booking them as part of longer programmes, according to your team or organisation’s needs.

These Conversations are designed for corporate training – where an organisation books private sessions for their internal teams, delivered at a time of their choosing. We therefore cannot offer individual places on Conversations.