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Our psychotherapy integrates psychodynamic concepts, attachment theory, and existential humanism. The School of Life’s ethos comes into our work in numerous ways and we very much share the philosophy.


During the initial session you will have the opportunity to disclose any topics you might want to bring to therapy with a skilled therapist, as well as questions and concerns. Certain topics are best discussed in-person, with adequate space to be understood. If you have specific questions that haven’t been answered, you may email [email protected].

Premarital therapy is usually time-limited and focused on issues around commitment. Couples who sign up for premarital therapy may want to have just a handful of sessions before they get married, though they are of course free to choose longer-term therapy as well.

We do not currently offer therapy for children or adolescents (under the age of 18 years old), but we may in the future.