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The Meaning of Life

  • Emotional Education
  • Self-Knowledge
To wonder too openly or intensely about the meaning of life can seem a peculiar, ill-fated and faintly ridiculous pastime. It can seem like a topic on which ordinary mortals cannot make much progress. In truth it is for all of us to wonder about, define and work towards a more meaningful existence.

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The Meaning of Life Teaches:


  • A meaningful life draws upon, and exercises, a range of our higher capacities; those bound up with tenderness, care, connection, self-understanding, sympathy, intelligence and creativity.
  • A meaningful life aims not so much at day-to-day contentment as at fulfilment. We may be leading a meaningful life and yet often find ourselves in a bad mood. Conversely, we may be having frequent surface fun while living, for the most part, meaninglessly.
  • Whereas pleasure manifests itself immediately, our taste in meaning may be more elusive.

The format of this workshop is highly interactive and involves a combination of teaching, group discussion and individual reflection. The facilitators of the workshop aim to create a confidential space where all participants are welcome to contribute freely and comfortably. If you have any questions about the format of the workshop please get in touch at [email protected]

Morning/Afternoon/ Evening Workshops – All timings are in British Summer Time (BST).


‘It was exactly what I was hoping for: informative yet informal, interactive and yet not too much so – and it was pitched at just the right level. The ‘chat’ option was great as everyone got a chance to offer their thoughts.’

‘It was a great class. Group conversations allowed participants to do their part and content was facilitated wonderfully.’

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What is The Meaning of Life?

This class considers a range of options for where the meaning of life is to be found, including love, family, friendship, work, self-knowledge and nature. We learn why certain things feel meaningful while others don’t, and consider how we might introduce more meaning into our activities. Hugely thought-provoking as well as practical guide to one of the greatest questions.

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