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Love – One Day Virtual Workshop

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This one-day workshop brings together the best of The School of Life’s Love curriculum into a single high intensity session.

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We expect love to be the source of our greatest joys. But it is also, of course, one of the most reliable routes to misery. Few forms of suffering are as intense as those we experience in relationships. Viewed from the outside, love could be mistaken for a practice focused almost entirely on the generation of despair.

The problems begin because, despite all the statistics, we continue to think of love as an enthusiasm, rather than a skill that can be learnt. One of the gravest errors we make around relationships is to imagine that they aren’t things we can get wiser or better at. In fact, as in all areas, we can improve how good we are at loving another person and indeed letting others love us, which is what this one-day workshop will help us to do. It will teach us to understand why we are all, in our different ways, tricky to be around and prone to sabotage love.

When difficulties strike in relationships, we often fall prey to the idea that it is the other person’s fault. The sadness must be someone’s fault: and, naturally enough, we conclude that the blame has to lie with our partner. We avoid the far truer, darker yet gentler possibility that this one-day workshop will help us to perceive: that we are trying to do something very difficult, which we need to learn to get better at.

Together, we bury the Romantic intuition-based view of relationships and learn to practice and rehearse our skills at love. Please note this workshop is for everyone at all stages of relationships as well as those who are single.

In Love – One Day Workshop we will learn:

• That it is normal for love and sex to have a complex connection, and that they may not always belong together.

• Accepting that we are all rather flawed can increase the amount of tolerance and generosity in circulation.

• That we will never find everything we need in another person, nor they in us – not because of these flaws, but because human nature makes this impossible.

• That we need to, and indeed can, make immense efforts to understand one another.

• That our intuition alone, nor our unexamined conditioning, can’t get us to where we need to go.

In most relationships, we are trying to do something enormously difficult without the bare minimum of support necessary. It is not surprising that – very often – we have troubles. In day of study, we learn how to acquire skills and attitudes that can lead to a new, more hopeful future for love.

Ruthie Bubis

Ruthie Bubis is a facilitator and writer, also working in editorial and publishing. Using her past experience as a teacher and mentor, Ruthie is passionate about creating a calm, engaging and reflective space, whether online or in person. She keenly believes in the notion of adult learning, where our pasts may be examined but likewise new perspectives, habits, patterns and ways of thinking are explored too. Across the curriculum of workshops she delivers at The School of Life, she is dedicated to applying reflective thought and analytical practice to the everyday problems and experiences we all may encounter.    

Timetable  (all timings are in GMT)

• 2:30pm Session Opens & Part I

• 4.30pm Part II

• 6.00pm Lunch/Dinner (1 hour)

• 7.00pm Part III

• 8.00pm Part IV

• 9.00pm Workshop ends’

Please note that there will be breaks throughout the Workshop.

This one-day workshop brings together the best of The School of Life’s Love curriculum, you learn in dynamic formats, from meeting and hearing from others and self-examination exercises.