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Understand the science of 'goal achieving’ versus ‘goal-setting’.

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More About The Workshop

In our modern world, goal setting is everywhere: we set goals for our careers, our health, our finances and more. But it’s one thing being able to set goals, and another to understand the science and strategy of how to achieve them. To do this, we need to pose difficult questions: what do we want to achieve above all else? What are we willing to sacrifice along the way? By balancing sustainability and effort, we can achieve meaningful goals that will support our long-term growth.

This Workshop will help participants to:

•Explore how to prioritise and create tangible goals that align to how we want to grow at work and beyond.

•Recognise how goals are most effectively achieved and discover the emotional experience of achieving – and not achieving – our goals.

•Practise navigating any resistance that may arise in working towards goals, including goals set by others.

•Empower others with goal-achieving techniques that positively impact projects and careers.

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