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Finding A Fulfilling Job

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By the end of the session, participants should gain a clear sense of the necessary next steps to make their work and their passions aligned. Early Bird Tickets are on sale, click on tickets to view the discounted prices.

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One of the most extraordinary and yet quietly routine assumptions of our age is that we should be able to find work that we can not only tolerate for the money, but profoundly appreciate – work with a high degree of purpose, camaraderie and creativity. We see nothing strange in the remarkable notion that we should try to find a job we love. This one-day virtual workshop insists that, in order to stand any chance of honouring our desire for meaningful employment, we will need to lavish concentrated brain power, time and imagination on its underlying complexities.

Over the course of the afternoon, we will guide participants through this process in several ways. Firstly, through an audit of our career-choices so far, exploring the decisions and influences that have brought us to this particular juncture. We will then devote time to examining and discussing those passions and interests that leave us feeling most motivated and energised. Through a combination of personal reflection and group discussion, we will look at what the future might hold, what paths are available to us, and how we can break loose of limiting internal scripts that keep us from pursuing new opportunities.

By the end of the session, participants should gain a clear sense of the necessary next steps to make their work and their passions more closely aligned.

This one day workshop brings together the best of The School of Life’s Work curriculum into a single high intensity session.

Early Bird tickets are currently available, click on tickets to view the discounted prices. 

Maurits Kalff

Maurits Kalff is a psychologist, coach and magistrate. After qualifying as a research psychologist he climbed a corporate ladder, only to conclude that professional autonomy is a more rewarding premise. He now works as a psychologist helping a wide range of people, from those living with chronic illness to investment bankers.


  • 2:30pm GMT: Workshop Opens
  • 6.00pm GMT: Lunch/Dinner 
  • 9.00pm GMT: Workshop End

Please note that there will be breaks throughout the Workshop.


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How to Find Satisfying Work

When it comes to choosing a career, we seem to face an inescapable choice between following our dreams and ‘selling out’. The reasons for this dilemma can be found in the ways the modern economy – and human psychology – work in practice.