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More about the Workshop

Have you ever tried to explain your thoughts to someone and found the experience truly effortless? Some conversations are easier than others, of course, but the process of communication is rarely simple. Language itself can sometimes feel unhelpfully vague, and we all tend to overestimate how well we’ve expressed ourselves. We imagine our words and meaning to be crystal clear, without realising the ambiguities and uncertainties the other person is left with. Mastering the art of good, clear communication is also a process of learning of how we speak. It requires us to understand how we come across and what the other person hears when we talk.

This workshop will help participants to: 

  • Consider what obstacles lie in the way of good communication, and how to find out whether or not we are communicating effectively.
  • Look at a range of different communication styles and how we might better take these into account at work.
  • Practise being assertive during moments of conflict, with a focus on finding solutions.
  • Take a thorough look at the best ways to give and receive feedback.
  • Play with a vital ingredient of good communication: the art of good listening.

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