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You can experience The School of Life from your home by joining our programme of virtual classes. Classes are delivered via Zoom and feature expert teachers, enlightening content, interactive exercises with other participants, practical guidance, comfort and consolation. Further information on how to connect to the class will be made available once you have purchased a ticket.

What is ‘How to Enjoy Life’?

How to Enjoy Life is a 2 hour class by The School of Life which takes place regularly in our virtual classroom over Zoom. It is one of 12 classes around our 4 core themes: Love, Work, Self and Culture. 

Why should I attend?

We are often so aware of what is missing from our lives that we fail to pause and notice what has already gone right or not yet gone wrong. We see so much every day without properly noticing it; we are so good at letting our ambitions for the future rob us of the joys of the present. 

This is a class about appreciation, about becoming better at discovering and drawing value from the wonders that are already to hand. It’s a class about learning how properly to live rather than simply going through the motions. Along the way, we learn to connect, to take joy in the sky, to feel less guilty about enjoying the good times - and to remember what we can legitimately smile about, even in the most challenging of eras.

What will I learn?

How to Enjoy Life teaches us:

  •  The skills of appreciation and gratitude.

  • How little we sometimes notice what is around us.

  • How to awaken ourselves to the beauty and value of the objects, people and ideas around us.

  • How to properly absorb what is already precious in our lives.

  • The art of sampling happiness without being sentimental or deluded - a skill we term ‘cheerful despair’.


This class costs £55 and is run by an experienced, compassionate member of our faculty. You can read more about our faculty here. 

Dates and times are available to book below. New dates for this class are added throughout the year.


Evening Classes - Please note that all timings are in British Summer Time (BST)

6:30pm BST session opens

6:45pm BST class begins

9:00pm BST class ends


Morning Classes - Please note that all timings are in British Summer Time (BST)

9:30am BST session opens

9:45am BST class begins

12:00pm BST class ends



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How to Enjoy Life - Virtual Class

£40 Friends | £55 Standard (plus fees)

When and where:
  • Thu 8 Oct 2020 6.30pm BST
    Virtual Class (Zoom)
  • Tue 27 Oct 2020 9.30am BST
    Virtual Class (Zoom)