Being Well – Professional Workshop

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Explore wellbeing as a fluid concept and the ways this has changed over time.

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More About The Workshop

While leaders and organisations play a critical role in promoting wellbeing at work, it’s important that we each feel empowered with tools that help improve our own ability to be well. By making small tweaks to improve the balance of our spheres of emotional, social, physical and existential health, we can make tangible progress in being more well at work.

This workshop will help participants to:


  • Recognise barriers and blockers to being well, including individual and organisational responsibility.
  • Learn about the PERMA model of psychological wellbeing to better understand what we need to be well at work.
  • Reflect on what being well looks like for us, and the triggers that cause us to be less well at work.
  • Build habits that will encourage us to be more well at work, day-to-day.

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