An Emotional Evolution in the workplace

How we work to build emotional maturity

Learning and Development from The School of Life

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Learning and Development at The School of Life

What we believe 

Even the smartest business strategy will struggle to succeed without an engaged workforce. We believe that emotional maturity is the key to better employee performance and long term engagement.

Alongside technical skills, employees who can master a range of sophisticated, 'soft' emotional skills are better able to thrive, manage themselves and succeed at their work. Our Learning and Development programme is designed to build emotional maturity in the workplace through the teaching of 20 core Emotional Skills.

What we offer

20 Emotional Skills

Two hour workshops

World Class faculty

Tailored, modular journeys.

How we work 

Understand: getting to know you and your organisation

Unpick: identifying areas of development

Build and Refine: designing a programme that’s best for you

Engage: turning employees ‘on’ to training

Ignite: interactive group learning, bitesize workshops, arriving at big insights

Practice and Embed: making what you’ve learned a consistent part of the way you live and work  

20 Core Skill Workshops


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