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In order for even the best ideas to have the greatest impact they need to be communicated with a skill too often neglected in the workplace: charm. That’s why studies show that those who receive training in how to be more personable and charismatic are rated as 60% more effective by their peers.

In this two-hour session, we will:

• Explore why vulnerability is often such a crucial ingredient of other people's charm

• Learn how to listen attentively and encouragingly to other people

• Discuss how charm and encouragement is often a better motivator than some other alternatives

• Examine some tips and recommendations for how to foster positive long-term relationships with colleagues, clients and stakeholders


‘I learnt to link techniques I use in my personal life, to my working life’

‘Importance of building relationships and showing your human side'

'I think charm is the ability to be truly interested in other people.'

Richard Avedon