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The School of Life is a global organisation dedicated to developing emotional intelligence.

We teach 20 emotional skills to help businesses thrive in the modern economy.

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Businesses need to be agile, and people increasingly do too. In fact, 91% of human resource directors say that, by 2018, adaptability will be a major trait for which to recruit.

In this two-hour session, we will:

• Discuss why we often fear change and how we can come to fear it less

• Practise techniques for cultivating an open mind towards change and new strategies for implementing it

• Learn imaginative techniques for developing new ideas, rather than relying on old paradigms

• Learn methods for coping with uncertainty and setbacks and for embracing improvisation, uncertainty and growth


"I learned that adaptability is thriving in change- not coping with it"

"A useful toolkit to deal with personal challenges in adopting change and coping with it"

"It made me realise the importance of identifying 'real' problems and fake problems"


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

Stephen Hawking