How to Make Love Last (English)

At The School of Life, we don’t believe that love must inevitably fizzle out over time; this happens when it has not been wisely managed.

In How to Make Love Last, we cover seven core skills that underpin successful long-term relationships. We will learn:

  • How to communicate, teach and learn.
  • How not to sulk.
  • How to allow others to get close to us.
  • How to understand and explain our distinctive way of feeling loved.
  • How to forgive and be forgiven.
  • How to navigate conflict through humour.
  • How to deal with sexual differences and awkward desires.

The class proposes that we sometimes give up on love too soon. The end of love is not inevitable, and even seemingly terminal situations can be rescued. We are introduced to the idea that love is not just an emotion; it is a skill that can be successfully learnt and practised.

Our classes and workshops consist of a varied mixture of input, self-reflection as well as one-to-one and group discussions. Our experienced lecturers convey a multitude of ideas that stimulate the mind and offer new perspectives. You can meet exciting and like-minded people and make new friends. No prior knowledge or preparation are required.

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18.20 - venue opens
18.30 - welcome & drinks
18.45 - class commences
20.15 - break (times vary)
21.30 - class finishes

COURSE LEADER, 12th September

Dr. Jörg BernardyDr. Jörg Bernardy studied Philosophy and Romance Studies in Cologne, Paris and Düsseldorf. He completed his PhD in philosophy and was research associate at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung (state college of design) Karlsruhe as well as at the University of Hildesheim. He lives in Hamburg as an independent author and formerly worked as a editor for the weekly newspaper ZEIT’s »Akademie«. His illustrated books »Philosophische Gedankensprünge: Denk selbst« (»Philosophical Mental Leaps: Think for yourself«) and »Mann Frau Mensch« (»Man Woman Human«) are published by the renowned children’s and youth books publisher Beltz & Gelberg. At The School of Life Berlin, Jörg Bernardy plays an integral and leading part in executing and developing the public progammes and content all over Germany.


190812 Portrait Sarah bhandariSarah Sarita Bhandari studied both environmental sciences and philosophy as well as a master degree in „Global Change Management“. She is highly passionate about eastern philosophy and spent three months at the oldest meditation- and yoga-institute of India. These days, she is researching the connection of the development of consciousness on an individual level in relation to societal sustainability at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies. Regarding these topics, she gives co-creative lectures and workshops at schools, universities, and festivals. At The School of Life, she teaches classes for our public workshop-program.



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How to Make Love Last (English)

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Double-Ticket (2 persons): 69,50 € incl. VAT

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