The Art of Balancing Your Life

Learn to think differently and live richer with Chinese wisdom

In this Special Event we will be looking into Daoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy, for new inspirations regarding a fulfilling and balanced life. Especially the concept of yin-yang could enables us to live in more balance and harmony.

But what actually makes a good life? What does it mean to live a more balanced and harmonious life? Too often we find ourselves struggling with balance. Torn between a demanding work schedule, social relations and our personal needs we find ‘balance’ is more often an ideal than actual reality. What is balance from the perspective of Chinese wisdom and what does it entail? Can we achieve and even maintain it in our daily lives? How? These will be the guiding questions for our workshop.

In The Art of Balancing Your Life we will look into the following aspects:

  • What is the meaning of balance for us personally? What is our attitude to ‘balance’?
  • What can we gain from a more balanced life?
  • Is lasting balance an illusion?
  • Could Eastern concepts such as yin-yang and Dao help us in our Western lives?
  • How can we include the Eastern idea of balance into our thinking and actions?
  • With exercises we will help you to switch perspectives from West to East. By trying to apply a different logic - the logic of yin-yang - when reflecting on your life, attitude and values, you may discover new, surprising insights.


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18.20 - Venue opens
18.30 - Welcome & drinks
18.45 - Class commences
20.10 - Break (times vary)
21.30 - Class finishes


AliciaAlicia Hennig has a PhD in Philosophy with a focus on applied philosophy and ethics, as well as business ethics. Her current research concentrates on deriving ethical principles from Chinese philosophy, especially Daoism to identify new approaches in sustainability, leadership and corporate culture. In addition, she also looks into Daoism for inspiration regarding new values for a good and meaningful personal life. Alicia is coming to China for 15 years and is living in China permanently since 2015. This long engagement with China enables her to take a comparative perspective, understanding philosophy, ethics, and business ethics from both a Western and Eastern viewpoint.

Jörg BernardyDr. Jörg Bernardy studied Philosophy and Romance Studies in Cologne, Paris and Düsseldorf. He completed his PhD in philosophy and was research associate at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung (state college of design) Karlsruhe as well as at the University of Hildesheim. He lives in Hamburg as an independent author and formerly worked as a editor for the weekly newspaper ZEIT’s »Akademie«. His illustrated book »Philosophical Mental Leaps. Think for yourself« (»Philosophische Gedankensprünge: Denk selbst«) is published by the renowned children’s and youth books publisher Beltz & Gelberg. Jörg Bernardy’s main interests at The School of Life include workshops and classes on Self knowledge, Relationships, the Meaning of Life and all creative processes behind philosophical ideas in our daily lives. 



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The Art of Balancing Your Life

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