Making Better Decisions (English)

Life constantly confronts us with decisions - what should I wear, what job to take, who to marry, which sofa to buy and where to live?

In order to set priorities sensibly, self-knowledge is indispensable - an understanding of values and norms, conflicts and wishes that influence us in decision-making situations. But making wise decisions also means realistically assessing how much control we really have in decision-making situations and becoming aware of various distortions of perception.

Whether we are indecisive in a love affair or postponing an important decision at work - this special event gets to the bottom of the decision-making process and asks: Are we more guided by emotional aspects or by rational arguments? Should we take more time for research or become active instead of weighing things up forever? Is everything in our hands and when would it be wiser to acknowledge our own fears and accept uncertainty as part of life?

In this interactive special event, we examine our often unconscious decision styles based on concrete personal decision difficulties and experiences to get a clearer idea of which unconscious assumptions can interfere with our ability to make good decisions.

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18.20 - Venue opens
18.30 - Welcome & drinks
18.45 - Class commences
20.10 - Break (times vary)
21.30 - Class finishes


190812 Portrait Sarah bhandariSarah Sarita Bhandari studied both environmental sciences and philosophy as well as a master degree in „Global Change Management“. She is highly passionate about eastern philosophy and spent three months at the oldest meditation- and yoga-institute of India. These days, she is researching the connection of the development of consciousness on an individual level in relation to societal sustainability at the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies. Regarding these topics, she gives co-creative lectures and workshops at schools, universities, and festivals. At The School of Life, she teaches classes for our public workshop-program.


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Making Better Decisions (English)

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  • Tue 3 Dec 2019 18:30 - 21:30
    The School of Life, Lychener Straße 7

Standard: 45 € incl. VAT

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