Discovering how you can change the world

How can we make a difference? An evening full of inspiration, tools and a healthy dose of realism.

It is normal to harbour a wish to lead a meaningful life which has a beneficial impact on those around us. However grand it might sound, wanting to 'change the world' is a proper and mature ambition.

However, by a dispiriting law of inertia, we tend to remain passive, assuming that change cannot take place, or that we are not really the ones to instigate it. This cannot in reality be true; there are simply too many examples of everyday initiative to the contrary.

Much has to do with learning where our own particular passion may lie - and how we might marry it to the needs of the world.

In this special event, we examine the psychological, cultural and social resistances we may encounter as we look to make a change. The course aims to provide inspiration, a healthy dose of realism, and the practical tools to make a realistic difference.


Belina RaffyBelina Raffy is director of Maffick Ltd, an applied improvisation and thrivability consultancy. For the past nine years, she has been working with people and organisations around the world to align how they do business with how nature and people thrive. Her specialties are co-creation, creativity, and communicating complex ideas in engaging, human ways.



18.20 - venue opens
18.30 - welcome & drinks
19.00 - class commences
20.10 - break (times vary)
21.30 - class finishes


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Discovering how you can change the world

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